Mtg Follow-Up: Coffeehouse Relations

I wanted to summarize what Steve, Filter’s owner, has asked us to do.  But, first, I think we MUST keep in mind that we have NO “right” to meet in Filter.  We are there at their indulgence and so we must behave as they ask and try to do as Steve asked.  Remember, the wait staff apparently don’t like us.  What we heard from Steve on Thursday was not just the opinion of one guy, although even if it were, since he is the owner, that would be enough.

Here’s what we agreed to do, as I heard it.

  1. Order Something:  It’s a business.  Moreover, we do not have a Starbucks-like relationship with Filter.  Transactions don’t take 30 seconds and then we leave.  We take up a lot of space for over two hours, so we need to support the coffeehouse.  We don’t have to order as a condition of coming, of course.  But, try to get something if you’re going to stay the whole meeting.
  2. Tip:  We are a special customer given special treatment.  So, we need to tip the young baristas/wait staff more than the typical leave-them-a-few-cents thing at…well, Starbucks again.
  3. Clean up after ourselves.  They want us to do this, so we will.  Please bus yourself.  This includes your own chair if you took it from another part of the coffeehouse.
  4. Be Nice:  They believe we are too brusque and unfriendly.  Regardless of how true this is, they believe it, so it must be somewhat true at least.  This is an EASY one to do.  Being friendly goes in long way.

I am going to talk to Steve periodically in the future, so resentments don’t have time to build up again.  He does not seem to want to deal with the group through me, so I will be the initiator.

We have a great gig here, guys.  Space like this free-of-formal-charge is rare.  Let’s not screw it up!




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