Racism In America: First Links

To me, this is an important meeting because it’s our first to explore the role that race/racism play in our politics.  I have been saving good articles on the subject for months. So many in fact, that I’m going to link to them in multiple posts starting now so that you’ll have more time to read them.

In this post, a few links to illustrate the gap in (1) economic circumstances between blacks and whites as a group, and (2) the chasm between perceptions in white and black Americans in their perceptions of how much racism there is in America.

Tomorrow’s post:  A working definition of racism, plus the problem of talking about racism in a post-racial (i.e., where it’s now taboo to be racist) society.



One response

  1. That Salon article amusingly cites things that don’t support its argument if you actually read the links. You could play logical fallacy bingo with most of those articles and get a bingo by the third paragraph.

    I’ll be there this Thursday.

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