Mtg Follow-Up: Mideast Peace Process Prospects

Follow-up: Better late than never.  We had 10 people including new member Jeremy.  Mike and Linda volunteered to serve on the topics committee, which will meet sometime in the next 10 days.

I thought it was a pretty good meeting, although I thought our largely liberal group seemed to underplay Palestinian-imposed obstacles to peace.  Remember, folks.  The last time their negotiators didn’t get what they wanted, they started a war on pizza parlors, bus stops, and wedding receptions.  The Israeli peace camp has never recovered from the perception that Hamas and substantial portions of the PLO (PA) cannot be trusted to act in good faith.  I agree completely with Ros about the huge obstacle that is the settler movement and the Israeli Right in general.  But, other than cease building on other people’s’ land, an obvious necessity for peace, what is Israel to do now?

Anyway, here are just a few decent follow-up links.

  • Most important, I gave the wrong link entirely in the earlier, pre-mtg post.  I meant to show this one – a chronology of the conflict by an interesting organization called
  • More on a point I was trying to make: American Jews don’t determine policy towards Israel these days.  Evangelicals known as”Christian Zionists” do.
  • The desperate choice Israel faces if settlement-building continues much longer.

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