Follow-Up: Buddhism And Americans’ Attitudes Towards Religion

Thirteen of us turned out to hear a very nice lecture from Jim Z. on Buddhist beliefs and history, including several newbies.  Huzzah to Jim.  Also, it was good to see a few regulars we had added during the summer months come back, like Joan and Mike.

For follow-up, here are some links to more details on early Buddhist history that Jim briefly outlined, plus the recent poll that Pete alluded to on Americans’ views towards the worlds’ major religions.

Oops!  I can’t find the survey that ranked Americans’ attitudes towards the major world religions.  I looked all over: Google, Pew, Think Progress, Religion Dispatches, etc.  Pete:  Any ideas where to look?


2 responses

  1. While I applaud your efforts to open up dialogue on some very important subjects, and I believe Civilized Conversation is a very valuable forum, I believe there are times when our action speak louder than our words! Yesterday, I joined 1500+ individuals in the Occupy San Diego March to bring attention to the inequality and injustice of our current society. Our tax money was spent to bail out the Big Banks and Wall Street, but little has been done to help the average American. We all know the realities: Massive unemployment, an economic system geared to favor the very rich, political gridlock in Congress, and after the Great Recession of “08….business as usual!
    Saturday, October 15th at 12:00 Noon, in the city of Encinitas, there’s another opportunity to take action. There will be a march, sponsored by MoveOn and Take Back the American Dream, to again bring attention to the above realities. Hope you can join us.

  2. I hope the occupiers, most of whose goals I would agree with, realize that their actions will mean very little unless they are reflected in voting in Nov. 2012. The goal must be to throw out the Republicans. Without that, in practical terms, nothing can be done, short of a revolution which I don’t think we’re yet ready for.

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