Update: Fixing the Economy And China

The first or second place I look on-line for news every day is The Plum Line at the Washington Post.  It summarizes big developments in politics several times a day.  Today’s links all are about breaking developments related to our “fixing the economy” discussion of last week.  I’ll excerpt some of it here, but the real purpose of this is to turn you on to this great site.

* The Senate votes overwhelmingly to move the Chinese currency­­­ bill forward, 79 to 19, setting the stage for a possible confrontation with the House GOP, which won’t allow the bill to the floor despite broad bipartisan support. A summaryof the bill.

* The House GOP leadership also rules out a vote on Obama’s whole jobs bill.

* And wouldn’t you know it, but amid all this gridlock and failure to  act on the economy, even as Congress has succeeded in cutting spending, a new CBS poll finds that a historically high 64 percent say government has a negative impact on most people’s lives, a trend that will likely benefit Republicans.

* And CBS also finds that nearly seven in 10 don’t think Obama’s made much progress on fixing the economy. Some 64 percent support Obama’s call for raising taxes on millionaires, but Republicans are blocking that, too, and it remains to be seen if this will even matter politically in the end.

* All of which reminds me of Steve Benen’s post over the weekend about how the GOP strategy of pursuing obstruction and gridlock (as alleged by a former GOP aide) is benefitting Republicans by successfully turning Americans against government in general.

The plum line is here.  Bookmark it you will.

Coming later tonight:  My This Week’s Mtg post on Buddhism.


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