Mtg Follow-Up: Fixing the Economy

We ended up with about 12 people last meeting.  This is good, and we have never dipped below 10 in the last year or two, to my knowledge.  Still, let’s get out there and hustle!  Tell a friend, pass out our flyer.  I keep a few in my car in case I meet someone interested and interesting.

I promised some followup on the economy.  So many sub-topics came up on Thursday, here are links related to just a few of them.

Greek/EU Crisis –

Related Topics —

  •  A conservative economist I read is outraged that the GOP has demanded the Fed do nothing to help the economy in these dire times.  He says this pretty much proves they want to sabotage the economy to help them win the 2012 election.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the evidence is now so overwhelming.
  • More on Deuel’s point about the need to confront China about its currency manipulation.  A bill in Congress would try to do just that.  Allegedly, this alone could create 1 million American jobs.
  • More on George’s (and Ron’s?) notion of a financial transactions tax to limit reckless speculation.  Even the IMF is in favor of this!
  • A longish post on how to get Wall Street to stop investing in speculation and start investing in Main Street.



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