Mtg Follow-Up: TV and Politics

Oops.  forgot to do a follow-up post on last week’s mtg on TV and movies’ effects on folks’ political opinions.  I’m busy in my CivCon time this week prepping for the economy-fixing meeting.  But, here is a story relevant to what I was saying about the rarity of abortion on TV.

Apparently a character on Grey’s Anatomy — a main character — just opted to have an elective abortion.  As abortion is the most common elective surgical procedure in the United States and one-half of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion, one would expect this to be fairly common.  Yet, as I mentioned  at the meeting, an abortion on TV is a rare thing.  See the article for some consequences of that.

Moral:  TV effects the decisions people make because TV reinforces some behaviors but not others as conforming to societal norms.

Also, even if you are not conservative, maybe you can empathize with their resentment of when TV/movies reinforce values they don’t want for their children.


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