Some (Pretty Much) Timely Topics Coming Up

As you know, I often try to schedule topics so that they will be hitting the front pages around the time we discuss them.

FYI,  it looks like we’ll be close but maybe not quite right on for a few topics coming up this schedule.

  • Fixing the EconomyOur meeting will be Sept. 29.  Both Obama and congressional Republicans have already announced competing job plans, as anticipated, so it turned out to be good timing for us.
  • Lessons of the New Deal:  This related topic lets us revisit the how to fix issue 6 weeks later on Nov. 17., but with an emphasis on historical lessons.
  • Reducing the Deficit:  Our meeting on what the appointed, 12-member “supercommittee” should do is Oct. 27.  This morning (Sept. 19) President Obama unveiled his plan to reduce the deficit, and the supercommittee is required to complete its work by November 23, or else huge automatic spending cuts kick in.  So, we’ll be pretty timely again.
  • Israel/Palestinians.  Not so much.  Our meeting is Dec. 8, but I should have made it earlier because the Palestinians are going to try to get UN recognition as a sovereign state either this week or the first week of October.

Finally, our not meeting on Thanksgiving was brilliantly timed by me to coincide with Thanksgiving, and our Dec. 29 meeting on religion in US foreign policy will occur during the annual War On Christmas.   😉


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