Mtg Followup, Part II: Where To Get Good Science Information On-Line

I thought I’d share where I get the science articles I linked to the other day for our meeting on male-female cognitive differences.  I’m no expert, but the first places I alway go for science stuff is this list of the 15 most popular science websites.  (Notice they are the most widely visited, not necessarily the “best.”)

My favorite here is the #10 site,  It has literally dozens of separate science blogs, organized by broad field (life sciences, physical sciences, brain and behavior, etc.  Some of the individual blogs I enjoy are Greg Laden’s blog on science and culture, Pharyngula (biology), and Starts With A Bang.  It should be noted that Scienceblogs can be explicitly political, and liberal.  But then, these days something like 80%+ of scientists are Democrats and only 10% are Republicans, for reasons that…um…may come up at our September 15 meeting on anti-intellectualism.

Another of the top 15 sites that I’ve pulled stuff off of is

Keep in mind that these are just blogs.  They lack long or particularly thorough or complicated articles, like you’d find in Scientific American.  I get the impression that on-line science resources are a little like foreign policy analyses on the web: The best stuff tends to be behind someone’s pay wall.

Climate Science:  Two very good ones are

  1. Climateprogress:  This is very highly regarded.
  2. Grist:  Also contains environmerntasl scicne stuff more generally.

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