Mtg Follow-Up: Thinking About How Men and Women Think

The non-traditional topics sometimes bring in really interesting new members.  We had 16 total people last night, my favorite discussion size, and we were introduced to Clarissa, Bob, Fred, and at least one other person whose name I failed to catch.  I loved Clarissa’s comments on male/female differences at the office and Fred’s use of literature to illustrate his points on gender differences.  They say that if you want to know what happened in a society, you should read non-fiction; but if you want to know why it happened, you should read fiction because novels are the way to understand culture.

For followup, I’ll do a few posts.  This one just lists some of the references mentioned.

The Female Brain and The Male Brain.  the two we had as props last night.  Like we said, they are a little pop-psychology-ish.  But, they are short and give some insight on the links between M/F brain and behavioral differences.  If you get  only one of them, I’d recommend the Female Brain since it’s more comprehensive (but still only 150pp).

The Left Hand Of Darkness.  This is a way, way cool sci-fi novel from the early 1970s that posits a planet where there is no gender; All the people are gender neutral until it’s time to mate, at which point they turn into whichever sex is most convenient for mating with whomever they happen to be around.  It’s basically a metaphor for what a society without gender conflict might look like (hint: The author thinks not much different from the ones we have.)



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