Mtg Follow-Up: Christianity’s 21st Century Evolution

We had 15 people, including new members Gail/Robert, and Terri (sitting next to Carl).  Thanks to Steve for his presentation and knowledge and to the person who invented air conditioning, he says wistfully..

Her are the books Steve alluded to last night:

Rather than my trying to describe the books, just click on the Amazon links.

Also, someone asked how many Americans were conservative in their religious outlooks versus liberal.  Here’s a chart from Pew Religion Center showing the “12 tribes of american Politics,” that sorts us according to our self-described cultural (X-axis) vs. economic (Y-axis) beliefs vs. voting behavior (the red and blue and purple colors).

Notice that the number of politically liberal Christians (indicated by how large each circle in the chart is) is about the same as the number that fit this survey’s definition of the religious right.  For more on liberal Christianity, you might want to see my “This Week’s Mtg” post for a discussion we had just a few months ago on, “What is liberal Christianity?”  It has a few more links on the subject, including a link to the think tank that did the study.

I love our religion meetings.  Does anybody have any suggestions for religious topics for next schedule?

NEXT WEEK:  The Media.  No controversy there, no siree bob…


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