Friday Follow-Up: Iraq/Afghanistan’s Future

Among the 14-15 participants last night, we had three or four new members, including Art, Phil, Jin, and a younjg economics major whose name I’m blanking on.  We hope you all come back sometime.

I’ve got nothing else on Iraq or Afghanistan.  But…

Economics Reading On The Web

As promised to our newest member, here is a post I did listing good sites for following economics

Gas Prices And Presidental Popularity

Remember Mike’s comment that Americans like their cheap gasoline and that drives a lot of our foreign policy?  Well, check this out for how eerily closely gas prices parallel presidential popularity.  Here’s just one of the charts:

Bypassing The Electoral College

See this explanation of the National Popular Vote Plan that I mangled.  As I did get right, California just approved the plan, so we now are about half-way to the 270-electoral-votes-worth of states needed to have this become a reality.


Also, people suggested a number of interesting topic ideas for September – December, including:

  • Me: Is the presidency too powerful, or not powerful enough?
    Transnational criminal gangs: Drugs, human trafficking, financial crimes, etc.
  • Jess: US election procedures (IRV, electoral college, perhaps others).
    Erosion of civil liberties since 9/11.  Amen.
  • Mike:  Value added tax.
    Sweden as an economic and social model (or Scandinavian model in general). Aristotle’s relevance to modern democracy.
  • Peter:  Police power.  “To protect and serve??”
  • I’m working on other ideas.  Add any others you have in comments.
    FYI, just because you think of a topic does NOT mean anyone will expect you to introduce it or give 15 minutes on it!

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