Friday Follow-Up: History’s Judgement, Polarization

Nine participants, including Carl, Aaron, and Bill.  A little too much emphasis, I thought, on mid-20th century history, but pretty good quality overall.  Follow-up:


As i promised bill, here are one (many good links) two (charts) three (one great article) posts that discuss the meeting we had a few months ago on political polarization in the U.S., its causes and consequences.  The links are great, including a dozen charts on growing polarization provided by a UCSD professor, via Chris


This is apropos of my comment on the long-term decline of the GOP as its main ethnic supporters — Whites — lose population share.  I should have been more clear.  There are two ways for the GOP to stay strong or even grow stronger.  One is to make inroads among Latinos, the fastest-growing segment of the population.  The other way is to double down on attracting White support.   As anyone who follows politics even casually has known for three years, they have been doing the latter: Appealing to its White base using any means, including any message, that works.

Well, new data show that it;s been working just great!  Non-Hispanic White support for the GOP is surging, as this article shows.  Will this trend continue?  It depends, IMO, on what’s really driving it.  Is it mainly the recession, or is it deeper, uglier forces of White panic and fear of demographic annihilation?  It’s easy for liberals to ascribe the basest of motives to our adversaries.  But, is it true?


In comments to the This Week post, Chris brought us the question of how harshly history will judge the baby boom generation.  I have some thoughts I can add, but would someone else like to start us out?


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