Friday Follow-Up: Why Are People Spiritual? Is It The ‘Shrooms?

Wow.  We had 18 people by my count, including several new ones.  Someone suggested that
I list attendees’ names in my follow-up posts so that we could all get to know each others’ names.  Last night we had regulars Steve (opening presentation), yours truly, Joe, Fred, Carl, Linda, Ron, Debbie, George, Jim Z,, Deuel (in the back), and John.  We also had four or five new members, including Brooke, Athena, and her friend sitting behind her whose name I did not catch but who deserves points for being the only person in as 2-hour meeting on spirituality to mention the collective unconscious.

I thought it was a very thorough discussion.  Does anybody have anything else they would like to add?  Use comments.

The only thing I can think of is the “Shroom Study.”  Seriously.  I read yesterday that a study recently was done of the effect of psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms.  It found that people on the drug reported having profound mystical experiences that made them happier for a long time after the study was over.  This raises the question:  Did the drug enhance something that is real, reproduce something that is real, or just create the illusion of spiritual experiences?  How authentic can mystical/spiritual experiences be if they can be recreated with the proper medication?  Follow the mini-debate here, here, and here.

Next week:  The U.N. and its discontents.


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  1. Debbie Skinner | Reply

    Good to be at this meeting, and good to see everyone. Thank you, Athena, for all the great comments you added to the discussion. Many concepts you talked of I have read about from a variety of spiritual writers. I like to think I use these concepts daily. I’m glad you were there, come again. There are some topics later in the month of August and early September you might enjoy. I will be there and would like to talk further with you. Shout out to Brook. Thank you, Ron, for asking everyone to say where they were individually on being spiritual. And, hi to anyone else reading this who came to the meeting.

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