This Week’s Mtg: What Has The Other Side Been Right About?

Surely, the other side politically has been right about something, right?  Economics?  Cultural issues?  Fashion sense?  No lecture from me this week as I’m short on time.  We can just dive right in.  Tomorrow I’ll post some discussion questions I’ll use to guide the meeting.


  • How stunningly divided Americans are by ideology and worldviews.
  • Pew Research Center says there are 2 types of Republicans and 3 types of Democrats.  Summaries of the types and what they believe.
  • A summary of the 2008 Republican and Democratic Party platforms.  These soothing words understate the gulf between the two parties because:
    • Just because they say it doesn’t mean they really mean it; e.g., when the GOP says it wants more “flexibility and innovation” in Medicaid, they really just want to cut the program.
    • Some positions have changed since 2008, especially among the Republican Party leadership.  Notably, the Ryan budget passed by House Republicans would voucherize and phase out Medicare.  Also, no major national GOP politician still supports any action on climate change at all.

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