Welcome, Reader Readers!

Yes, this is the homepage of one of the two discussion clubs mentioned in The Reader’s April 28 issue cover story We’re Civilized Conversation, the more politics-oriented one, although we also do philosophy, religion, and other topics. 

Our schedule through May 2011 is here, and also in the right hand column on this homepage.  See also About Us, and FAQ.  (Facebook page here.)  Up top you can also see lists of old topics from 2011 and earlier.  Each week a few days before the Thursday meeting I do an introductory post on the topic, including some political perspective, an outline of any brief opening presentation I or others might be giving, and some links to background material.  (See below for this week’s mtg)

The other group mentioned in the article is Meeting Of The Minds.  MOTM has no on-line presence, but the group’s schedule through mid-August is here.  For more information contact Gary at 619-370-1027.

Civilized Conversation gets about 12-15 discussants each Thursday; MOTM usually has about 6-8.  We’d love to have you join either group to air your opinions or just listen.



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