Looming US Govt Shutdown This Friday — Worth Discussing?

These are such crazy crowded times, politically.  We could spend every meeting just talking about that week’s new wars, disasters, and unprecedented-in-our-lifetimes political developments. 

This Thursday’s topic is globalization.  It’s a great topic I have a lot to say, as you can tell by this week’s posts (below–Please read!).  But, it appears increasingly likely that the GOP will shut down the federal government on Friday or Saturday, a repeat of what happened in 1995!

Three options — let me know what you want to do:

  1. Talk about it after this TH’s mtg, say, at 8:45.
  2. Do that next week, if the shutdown acrtually happens.
  3. Schedule it for next cycle because budget brinksmanship is going to keep happening throughout the next two years.

I guess we could also ignore it and hope it goes away.  This is what politicians generally do anyway.

UPDATE:  We could also discuss the Republicans’ new 2012 budget plan (any shutdown would be over the remainder of this year’s budget, which is 2/3 over), the onbe announced by Rep. Paul Ryan.  Under the proposal:

Medicare would be eliminated and replaced with a voucher system [DavidG note: within just 10 years!]. Medicaid would be gutted and sent to the states as a block grant. The Affordable Care Act would be scrapped, tax rates on corporations and the wealthy would be slashed, and all told, Ryan’s plan intends to slash roughly $6 trillion from the federal budget over the next 10 years

All of these radical changes would rewrite the social contract.  This is by design: A feature, not a bug.

UPDATE II:  Relying on the mainstream media for information and analysis of the Ryan budget “plan” is a waste of time.  Please read these if you want us to discuss it tomorrow:

  • Does Not Compute:  It’s a “serious” plan to massively redistribute wealth upwards, from the many to the few, but it’s not a serious plan in any other sense.
  • Ryan is a Phony; His budget “plan” relies of fake assumptions and ludicrously rosey future scenarios.
  • It’s About Repealing the 20th Century
  • UPDATE III:  After two days of study, it’s beyond doubt that this thing is just a pathetic joke.  I mean a joke as a budget and as a proposal or plan of any kind, regardless of one’s views on the morality of it.  See, as just one example of how deeply unserious the Ryan plan is, here.
    Hoenstly, Ryan should be laughed out of town, not fawned over.  There are serious ideas to reduce federal debt, but this is not one of them.  This is written-in-crayon silly. 

BTW, it has been reported that Rep. Ryan requires all of his staff to read Atlas Shrugged.


2 responses

  1. Again, saying that “The GOP will shut down” is simply a political view projected onto the fact that the Republicans and Democrats aren’t coming to a budget agreement. It’s the same thing as saying the Democrats are holding California’s budget hostage (or is it the Republicans? depends on who you want to portray as the “victims” or “aggressors”)

    I would welcome discussion of the Ryan plan. It’s a serious proposal that merits serious discussion.

  2. It is not serious. It is hideous. The shutdown is the fault of the GOP. Period.

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