Friday FU: Civ-Mil Relations, Religion In The Military, Etc.

Yes, Virginia, “FU” means “follow-up.”  Fifteen conversators last night, including Jeff R (in the corner), Moss, Chuck, Dean, George, and Anne and her fiance Jason.  It’s good to see former regulars coming back.  Nice presentation by Feed and discussion, too.  Here are some of the sources Fred used.  He especially recommends the first one, a speech by SecDef Gates:

Evangelism In The Military —

One aspect of this topic we didn’t really cover, I thought, was the alleged rise of an aggressive proselytizing evangelism in the military.  There have been serious charges that the armed forces — the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, in particular — became openly favoring evangelism in the years after 9/11.  some argued they have reached the point of discriminating against service members that do not profess this faith and even pressuring them to convert.  In 2005 an outcry over alleged proselytizing at the USAF academy prompted a Pentagon investigation, congressional hearings, a civil lawsuit (dismissed over a standing issue) and new Air Force guidelines on religion. 

It’s hard to know what to make of all this.  The mainstream media has avoided the story — maybe because it’s overblown.  Yet, the evidence we have is disturbing.  Here’s a big piece by Harpers Magazine and an even bigger one by Newsweek from 2009.  More details, accusations here.   A more skeptical view here.

Mandatory National Service —

I’ll post some stuff/links on this issue separately later.


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