More Good Commentaries On Libya

A skeptic who’s very worried this was a big mistake.

A rebuttal to this skeptic, who says the Arab world is entering a revolutionary period, we have to come down on the right side, and Libya is the right time and place for that.

The “What happens next” problem.

[3/21]  Who comprises the opposition movement that we are fighting for?

[3/23]  A list of short opinion pieces from foreign policy pros.  All easy, some pro, some con.

[3/24]  Lord, the NYT reports that the Libyan rebels have only about 1,000 men!  You can’t conquer Disneyland with that few fighters.  This guy says UK/France will end up sending ground troops when the rebels inevitably get crushed and that, if oujr allies can’t turn thigns around, what will we do?

[3/26:]  You can follow hour-by-hour developments on the major news sites, obviously.  But, try for a genuine Middle East expert who’s doing the same.  He strongly supports this thing; e.g., try his “Top 10 Accomplishments Of The UN No-Fly Zone.”

[3/29]  An Open Letter To The Left On Libya, from a liberal foreign policy analyst who strongly supports the war.

[3/29]  Great look at Obama’s speech and of the new Obama Doctrine.  Yeah, there was a clear doctrine in there.  It’s just more complex and subtle and intended for grown-ups than the bumper sticker slogans that have passed for a foreign policy doctrine (“Axis of evil,” “Stay the course,” freedomgoodIslamofascistsbad) the last 10 years.

[4/1]  Signs of hope?


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