Mtg Follow-Up: Japan And Our Energy Future, Plus Libya

I got nothing on red/blue.  I’m red-blue black-and-blued.  Thanks to Steve again for his opening presentation and everyone for posing for photos.  Also, welcome news members.  Please come back sometime!

From what I’m reading, a lot of people are distressed about the President’;s decision to confront Libya with military force, even if the way he went about it (patiently building international consensus and support) is a pleasant contrast to his predecessor.   Still, this is a big-time: A third simultaneous war with hazy objectives and a nonobvious exit strategy.     

LIBYA — Some early commentary


  • Maybe we do have to choose between nuclear power and clean energy, one or the other.  Read the whole article, but basically it’s because (1) there’s only so much investment capital out there for energy and if nukes soak up all of it there won’t be enough for clean energy; and (2) the future is in “distributed power” (smaller power plants distributing electric power along highly efficient two-way transmission lines) and nuclear power is just not amenable to that. 
  • UPDATE:  A primer on the huge challenges facing nuclear power, from the Council On Foreign Relations, a center-right thinktank.  Chuck was making many of these points at our meeting.

2 responses

  1. Again, Sullivan ain’t conservative. And he apparently doesn’t know anything about Libya or gradations in interventions.

    For a real conservative’s anti-intervention take, try here at NRO:

    Also, it seems like events are moving faster than the int’l community can respond to them- as I type this, Qadaffi’s forces are entering Benghazi and the rebels are desperately fighting for survival. Qadaffi must’ve calculated (behind a smokescreen of a “cease-fire” that the idiot media- including Al-Jazeera- keeps mentioning as bombs fall on live footage) that he has to win this militarily now before the West can act.

    Of course, had the West acted a week ago, there would’ve been plenty of room for the rebels and certainly enough time for us to get our politically correct coalition force into place. Now, who knows what happens by the time I wake up tomorrow.

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