Friday Follow-Up: We’re All Off To Look For America…

Well, we didn’t quite find our lost country last night.  But, you have to wait three days to report it missing, anyway so maybe by next Thursday…

Much more seriously, please read this CNN article on rising White racial anxiety/fear as a cause of political polarization.  It explains that the recent uptick in White anxiety comes mainly from the convergence of (1) a browning society and its related actual/perceived loss of White privilege (Steve’s point); and (2) a recession that has hit the White working class harder than any since WWII.  It even has a quote from the Bowling Alone author, the book that someone asked me to provide a link to. 

Also —

Fact-checking political claims. 

  1.  Way cool.  Has a “Truth-o-Meter”  to rate politicians’ promises, including an Obamameter.  Fact checks pundits, leaders of Congress, and chain emails., The chain email fact checker is particularly helpful for dealing with one’s crazy relatives.
  2.  Same deal.  Like politicifact, easily searchable by topic/politician.

Welfare For Me But Not For Thee: 

I mentioned a poll last night but didn’t really explain how important its findings were.  It asked Americans who had used specific government programs whether they had ever benefited from “a government social program.”   As the table below shows, a huge number of Americans who were on Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance (!?) and a dozen other social, benefit programs said they never had partaken of a “government social program.” 

This is a BIG problem.  For conservatives, it makes it easy and tempting to promise to cut big government, but hard to actually do so –as the GOP is finding out today.  For liberals, it’s a problem because a successful social program that’s invisible is subject to the “I earned my benefit but those other people haven’t earned theirs” public mentality.

Finally, A Unified Field Theory of The Crazy?


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