Friday Follow-Up: Egypt’s Future

I have no follow-up links on California’s transportation problems, our meeting topic.  But some of us were discussing Egypt after the meeting, so here are a few really good commentaries on the situation there, starting with a little more info on the Muslim Brotherhood:

  •  A primer on Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.  Very useful if you don’t follow this stuff over time.
  • Another good article on the Brotherhood.  Neither pollyanish nor hysterical.  This is kind of what I was arguing last night.
  • A more sanguine view of the Brotherhood, closer to what Ron was saying last night.
  • Praise for Obama’s handling of this whole thing — so far.
  • Praisefor Al Jazeera’s coverage — plus a useful reminder of the network’s biases and limits.

Finally, here is an underreported aspect of the Egypt crisis: The fall of the Arab world’s corrupt regimes through peaceful protest is maybe Al Qaeda’s and Bin Laden’s worst nightmare.


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