This Week’s Mtg, Part II: Biased and Unbiased News

Well, of course there’s no such thing as purely “unbiased” news.  However, there are different kinds of bias beyond just deliberate ideological and political slanting of the news  Many of these can be hard to detect, in no small part because the media may not even be aware of its own bias.  We also have to distinguish between biased news and outright lying about facts.  The latter is at a level that just stuns me.

As usual, left and right have diametrically opposite views of the direction of mainstream media bias and its causes.  The right sees a liberal bias in the MSM, caused I think by the personal political views of journalists and their newsroom managements, who are mainly Democrats and often social liberals, Liberals, in contrast, see the corporate control (by only about six companies) of the MSM as the culprit that makes the news too conservative and vulnerable to conservative spin. 

In my opening, I’ll introduce the issue of media bias by listing some of its sources  and the effects they have on what we see and hear.  I won’t be long, since the group has very strong opinions on this subject, I’m sure.  Then we can discuss which news and opinion sources we think are best at truthfully informing the citizenry, reflecting a range of opinion, and minimizing bias.  We also can get into alternatives to the MSM, including the websites and magazines where I — to pick a person at random — get most of my news and commentary.

LINKS — These do not necessarily represent “what I think.”  But, they are interesting.


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