New Schedule: Feb – April 2011

The new schedule is done.  Lots of good topics, I think.  Find it under the Meeting Schedule tab, above.  Hard copies will be available Thursday, and the sidebar listing the next few topics is updated, too. 

Thanks to all who made suggestions, including Fred, Chris, Steve, and Peter, who all got some in.    Apologies to Ron — I just realized I forgot to include your “Future of the UN” topic on the list of possibles.  Next time I’ll be sure to do so.  FWIW, several of the upcoming are science-related, kind of with you in mind.

UPDATE:  Here are all the topics —

Jan 27, 2011:  Public employee unions: Problem or Scapegoat? 
Feb 3:   Can we get unbiased news?  From where?  
Feb 10:  CA’s transportation solutions: Trains, planes, or automobiles?
Feb 17:  Are Americans really this politically polarized?
Feb 24:  What did the founding fathers think of government?
Mar 3:  Why do Left and Right want their country back?  What is America all
Mar 10:  What is “liberal Christianity?”
Mar 17:  Blue vs. Red States: Is it only Politics, or a Religious/Cultural Chasm?
Mar 24:  Are civilian/military relations a growing problem?    
Mar 31:  Endangered species: Should We Care?   
April 7:  Has globalization stalled?  Can we make it better?
April 14:  Is science political?    
April 21:  Why no socialism in America?
April 28:  Justice as fairness: The philosophy of John Rawls.
May 5:  What is Sharia law and how is it used in Islamic countries?
May 12:  China as #2.
May 19:  Darwin’s Legacy: Is Religious Fundamentalism a By-Product of
May 26:  Do wars ever really end?


2 responses

  1. If you can bring a number of copies of the schedule to the meeting Thursday, I’ll post them in likely locations around UCSD’s campus.

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