Topic Ideas: It’s Now Or Never for Feb-April

Next weekend we will be choosing new topics for at least February – April of 2011.  The selection committee will consist of John, Carl, and myself.   If someone else would like to serve in John’s or Carl’s place, they might be amenable to that.  Maybe someone who has not done it before?  Let me know by this Thursday’s meeting at the latest.

I need topic ideas from group members.  I only have a few.  Please add them as comments to this post or to the “suggest a Topic” page.

Politics, religion, and philosophy are priorities.  But, also history and science, including social science.


2 responses

  1. Some ideas:
    – What is Sharia law? How is it used in Islamic countries? How does its use compare to other religious law systems in the US?
    – Where do people live in San Diego? Why? What do neighborhood communities say about the city as a whole?
    – Public transit problems/solutions in California/San Diego: Trains? Planes? Automobiles?
    – California’s being redistricted by a citizen-commission. What will the new California political scene look like?

  2. – What obligation do we have to the state?
    – What is a good life?
    – Why no socialism in America?

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