Friday Follow-Up: Facebook Nation

To paraphrase The Simpsons, I for one welcome our new Facebook overlords.  I’m sure all 16 of us who attended last night did, too.  I thought we hashed out the subject pretty well for a bunch of people who don’t use social networks much.  Thanks to Chris for his research and presentation and to Linda for giving me a gavel. 

  • The Demographics of Twitter Use:  Despite the endless hype, only 8% of internet users use Twitter.  Interestingly, women and people of color are more likely to use it than others.
  • Differences between how men and women view friendship.   FWIW, I recently ran into a formerly close male friend from high school who I hadn’t seen in years.  We starting talking about politics.  (Had we been two other guys it might have been sports or cars.).  After 45 minutes it finally occurred to me to ask him how he was.  He then told me about a terrible recent tragedy involving a close family member. We then switched back to politics.  Guys. 
  • I thought my sister’s point about the ability of on-line networks to help local communities was interesting.  You can peruse her magazine here to see how she (and her staff) do it.

Finally, Fred will be out of town on business next week, so I will give the opening presentation on taxes.  I’ll do what I usually do and give a basic intro on how high taxes are and who pays how much.  Then I’ll briefly try to frame how we might think about why Americans are so enamored of government services they receive but resistant to the taxes needed to pay for them.  I’ll post some good charts and a few good links on Monday.

FYI Joe:  I’ll be calling you on Monday afternoon.


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  1. FYI, this is the article/speech that inspired me to quit Facebook in the first place. Excellent points about the need for people to concentrate.

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