This Week’s Mtg: How Hard Is It To Get a Nuke? (12/2/10)

 Chris’s idea and he will give the opening presentation.  I used to know quite a bit about nuclear weapons issues, but most of it’s dated.  Hey, Chris:  If you want to give a preview or links, just attach as a comment here and I’ll move it to a new post.  For the moment, here are some links that I’m familiar with:

  1. 5-minute interview with an expert on NPR – How Would Terrorists Get Nukes?
  2. A quick Nuclear Terrorism FAQ.
  3. More detailed Summary of the Threat, from the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s website, which has tons of detailed stuff, including…
  4. Detailed step-by-step of how terrorists would get a nuke.

Incidentally, preventing terrorists — and hostile powers, like Iran — from getting nuclear weapons is the highest single priority of our government.  The Obama people have done a lot in this area, but much remains to be done.

As part of this topic, we probably should discuss the new START treaty with Russia.  The entire national security community supports it, including 6 former secretaries of state and 5 former national security advisors from both parties, the joint chiefs of staff, every expert, all of our allies, etc.  Yet, it appears that Senate Republicans will block its ratification (it needs 67 votes).  No one can quite believe it nor come up with any reason for their doing so except just to deny Obama any victory.  This matters for preventing nuclear terrorism for reasons I can get into.


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  1. Thanks David. I’ll get back to you with more info later today. Do you happen to have a computer version of the CC logo? I’m going to add this event and hopefully others in the future on Yelp events to help drum up additional interest and reach out to a different group of people.

  2. Yeah, in a few minutes I’ll email you an old press release that has the logo or maybe the file itself if I can find it.

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