Do We Really Know What We’re Talking About?

Probably not.  But, my point was to get you to try these various quizzes on news and world affairs.  

For some of the quizzes, you can look up how the general public did.  It’s not pretty.  For instance, less than one-half of the public knows that the Republicans will take over the House next session!  So much for holding therm accountable for anythnig they do.  Many also missed a bunch of the science quiz questions, which are painfully easy.


One response

  1. I don’t know that the “world cultures” quiz is so difficult; but then, world cultures
    is my thing, so to speak.
    I do know that some of the answers are questionable. It is by no means certain
    that Turkish and Korean are Altaic languages, for example, although that is one
    opinion. My teacher Roy Andrew Miller wrote a book to prove that Japanese is Altaic; but again, not everyone accepts that.

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