Tea Party Meeting: Final Two Links

I agree pretty much with this view of the Tea Party movement.

Here’s an opinion about whether the GOP leadership will actually give the Tea Parties anything on their agenda.  I kind of disagree with it.  I think the TPers want their anger stoked more than anything else.  Th GOP is real good at doing that and that is all that the GOP wants of the TPers, too.


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  1. Not quite final. Here’s an Op-ed piece from Monday’s New York Times that makes interesting parallels to the Tea Party and Theodore Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism”. (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/01/opinion/01morris.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=theodore%20roosevelt%20tea%20party&st=cse)

    Roosevelt made a controversial speech a century ago in Kansas that kick started the Progressive Party. The Progressives, with a capital “P”, caused a rift in the Republican party that handed the presidency to Woodrow Wilson. The Progressives, including Roosevelt, were highly critical of Taft and the GOP cronies, and set off a reform movement this country hasn’t seen in decades. I’m not sure a handful of Tea Bags will have the same impact. Some pundits have speculated that politics in Washington will be bickering as usual.

    The article has a link to a PDF of Roosevelt’s Osawatomie, Kansas speech on August 31, 1910. (http://www.theodore-roosevelt.com/images/research/speeches/trnationalismspeech.pdf) Pretty fiery stuff, and eerily familiar a hundred years later.

    1. Interesting. It is in dispute how the TPers will change our politics. However, I am of the opposite opinion, which I’ll get into tomorrow. I think the TPers will settle down fairly quickly as what they are: Loyal conservative Republicans whose passions can be kept hot by the usual techniques. Obama can still be blamed for everything wrong, and, even if no one esle believes it, the point is that the TPers will, and thus can be kept good and angry until 2012, when they will cease to be needed. I think a little red meat — and blaming the failure to “cut spending,” etc., on Obama — will work, depsite the occassional angry speech by Rand Paul et. al.

      What will the GOP power brokers do? Exactly what they want to do, plus a few extra symbolic gestures to fool the rubes. The GOP leadership will defund and thus destroy health care reform and financial sector reregulation/reform and say they have stopped the march to socialism…so far. They’ll also they’ll cut or freeze earmarks and other chump change and then convince the TPers that only the evil Kenyan is preventing real spending cuts. Sing along if you know the words.

      As long as the echo chamber — Fox News and talk radio — stay united on a single message to deliver to the TPers, they have nowhere else to go for information!


  2. I recently ran across a reference to Grover Cleveland’s message to Congress, Dec. 3,
    1889: (It’s online but don’t have the reference handy. Suggest using Google).

    His language is amazing topical. He laments that the government has simply become
    a tool of big business, etc. It is truly sad to be facing much the same situation
    more than 100 years later.

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