This Week’s Mtg: Future Of Tea Parties, Election Post-Mortem

Big meeting on Thursday, mainly because…Jim Wolner will be back, he told me!  Also, we’re going to discuss our Tea-tastic future in light of Tuesday’s election results.

A lot of people think the Tea Parties (plural — dozens of groups use the moniker) will shape our politics for years to come.  I suspect this is overblown.  Either way, Thursday should be a great opportunity to explore the big questions about Tea.


  1. Who are these people and what do they want?
  2. Are the Tea Parties really new, or, as some have suggested, are they just the same old Right Wing movement in new clothes? 
  3. What is the Tea Parties’ future?  Will the movement be absorbed quickly into the GOP, or will it retain some independence and thus influence in its own right?

SURVEYS of Tea Party members


I could lecture on this topic for an hour without a pause, but this group is more knowledgeable than it used to be, so I’ll keep my intro fairly short.  I’ll stop after 15 minutes of outlining the main issues and giving a little historical and political pespective.


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