Friday Follow-Up: Tea Parties, Fox News, And Conservatism’s Future

Thanks to all who attended last night.  We had 10 folks, including Gerald, a former local private school headmaster.  I’m glad we got into the nature of the conservative movement.  This is a very confusing time since the GOP is hurtling towards uncharted extremist territory but remains in flux — and maybe still can be rerouted back to the mainstream.  Some follow-up:

Upcoming Lecture – Jim mentioned that the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego is hosting a lecture on November 14 that the group might want to attend.  See here for details about the event, “Religion, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court.”

Fox News –  Since Obama’s election, conservatives have switched their viewing to Fox News in large numbers.  Worse, Fox is not the same network it was two years ago.  Since Obama’s election, FNN has morphed from the voice of the conservative movement into an active organizer, fundraiser, and employer of the Republican Party.  This is unprecedented.  A 24-hour cable news network has become a cross between a political action committee and a (dominant) wing of a political party.

Tea Parties I also promised I’d start posting some of the major studies and analyses of the Tea Party movement, in case anyone wanted to get a jump on next week’s meeting.  I’ll start with the most entertaining ones.  Despite the sarcastic titles, both are very sharp analyses:

Reforming Conservatism —   As promised, here are a few conservatives I still read.


3 responses

  1. Sullivan isn’t really conservative, just contrarian (and weirdly obsessed with the Palins); I’d put Mickey Kaus further right than him. Frum also seems to be in it more to stir the pot than anything else and support his own name.

    If you want to read good conservatives check out: Ross Douthat of the NYTimes; Charles Krauthammer, George Will, and Mike Gerson at the Washpost; some of the writers at the National Review; the Volokh Conspiracy; Megan McArdle at the Atlantic; and most of the writers at (more libertarian). I’m also a fan of Allahpundit at Hot Air and Ace of AceofSpades. There are also some excellent conservative sites for specific issues, such as the National Organization of Scholars on higher education. The Manhatten Institute also has a good education section along with other forms of policy.

  2. I’d second Douthat, Volokh, and McArdle, plus the Atlantic generally. I consider Krauthammer to be awful, and I’ve never read Hot Air or Ace. Thanks for adding some names.

  3. Krauthammer likes writing polemics, but they’re usually well-written and well-argued, so I enjoy them. Hot Air and Ace are both very right-wing, but they’re some of the better-spoken ones.

    I look forward to the post-election discussion.

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