Old Topic Updates: Immigration, Taxes, Morality and Politics

IMMIGRATION:  Here’s a great summary of the difficulty of reforming our system.  ve comprehensive reform, not just beefed up border security.  This is because, ironically, the more we secure the border, the more likely are illegal immigrants to put down roots here, rather than go back and forth between here and Mexico seasonally.  It doesn’t stop them from coming; it just incentivizes them to settle down here after they do.  Beefed up border enforcement is one of the big reasons the illegal population skyrocketed in the 1990s (the other big one is that the U.S. economy was booming while Mexico had a depression from the 1995 peso crisis).

RELIGION:  Remember that quiz on religion I linked to about a week ago?  It had 15 questions for the public on the (really simple) basics of world religions?  The one that most Americans failed?  Well, here’s the full quiz: 32 questions.

TAXES  & GOVERNMENT SPENDINGWhat We Pay For.  This, as I mentioned,  lets you approximate how much of your federal tax dollars go to which activities.  If I could hold down every Tea Partier in  head lock and force them to read one thing, it might be this.  Here’s the same thing for California state taxes.

OUR PRIVACYKiss it goodbye

MORALITY AS THE BASIS OF POLITICSAmerican’s Deepening Moral  Crisis.  Enough said.


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