Propositions 25 and 26: Pros and Cons

I’m out of time to write another post on the most important measures on the CA ballot on November 2.  Here’s a few links that explain the props and list pros and cons.

For excellent background on why our state is politically dysfunctional, see here.

UPDATE:  I just learned something bad about prop.26, the proposition that would require a 2/3 supermajority in the CA legislature to raise most fees (as opposed to taxes, which already require 2/3 consent).  Turns out polluters may be planning to use 26, if it passes, to challenge the legality of pollution-related fees that already exist to fund CA’s clean air and water programs, as well as any future cap/trade carbon pricings scheme.  According to environmentalists, if these challenges succeed, it could drain the funding for our environmental regulations.  The oil companies are quietly pouring money into the Yes on 26 campaign, as a hedge in case the much more visible 23 goes down.  See here for details.

Update II:  Phony mailers urging a Yes on 26 vote have been sent out in CA.  They claim to be a “green” recommendation; i.e., some kind of enviromental group, but it is a lie.  They are probably paid for by the big oil companies that see prop. 23 going down.  See here for details.  This link also explains in more detail how 26 would be used to defund CA’s environmental laws.  How much lower do you think these shadowy interests can get?  Stay tuned for the next 20 years.


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