This Week’s Mtg: Ballot Propositions (10/21/10)

There are nine of them!  Luckily, some of them deal with identical topics/issues.  Props. 20 and 27 would change electoral redistricting, and are mirror images of each other.  Props. 21, 22, 24, and 25/26 deal with taxes, basically, and 25/26 mirror image each other. 

I know it’s kind of natural to go in order, 19-27.  But I think a better way would be to discuss the two stand-alone ones first:

  • 19: To legalize personal use of marijuana, and to allow local governments to regulate its use. 
  • 23: To repeal CA’s 2006 law that will soon set up a carbon cap and trade system.    

I’d propose that we limit debate on these to about 30 minutes.  Then we can do the two mirror image redistricting ones:

  • 20: Requires a non-partisan committee that already draws state legislative  seat boundaries also control the shape of CA’s U.S. House seats.
  • 27: Does the opposite.  Eliminates that committee and returns control of state government districts to the CA legislature.

Then, the five on taxes, which probably will focus on 25/26.

  • 21: Raise vehicle license fees by $18 to upkeep state parks. 
  • 22:  Prohibits CA government from raiding certain local government tax funds (but thereby reducing state revenue) 
  • 24:  Eliminates several corporate tax breaks that benefit mainly large corporations.  Raises $1.3 billion a year from them.
  • 25 and 26:  Opposite ideas for making a state budget slightly easier versus even harder to pass.  25 reduces the 2/3 vote needed to pass a budget down to a simple majority, as it is in 47 other states; 26 would require a 2/3 supermajority to raise fees, too, making them as impossible to raise as taxes are now.

I’ve already done posts with links about 19 (marijuana) and 23 (cap and trade).  Tomorrow I’ll do the same for 20/27 (redistricting) and at least 25/26.

Update;  We’re not exclusively a liberal group.  But, some of you might want ot check out the endorsements of:

  1. Calitics, a progressive on-line news site; and
  2. This simple chart showing how nine separate CA progressive groups (Credo, Dem party, labor federation, Calitics, LWV, others) want people to vote on the propositions.  Brief reasons given for each stance.

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