Prop. 19 Pros And Cons (Marijuana)

Before I leave on vacation until next Monday, here is some material on Proposition 19, the legalize-marijuana-and-regulate-it-like-alcohol ballot initiative.  BTW, I’m torn.  Also, I think Prop 23 (cap-and-trade repeal) and Prop. 25 (reduce the 2/3 to pass a budget down to a simple majority) are the really big ones.

  • Very simple, comprehensive summary from of (1) what the proposition would do, and (2) pros and cons.  Note who is for it and who opposed.  FWIW, almost every politician in the state is against 19, including Senatros Feinstein and Boxer and gubernatorial candidates Brown and Fiorina.  A number of civil rights organizations and labor unions are in favor.
  • A Yes on 19 Op-Ed by a retired CA judge. 
  • No on 19 Op-Ed by a renowned criminal justice expert.  (Also this by him is a must-read.)
  • No on 19 editorial by the LA Times.

My main objection to 19 is that it provides no real legal framework to guide legalization.  It lets every single county and city in CA decide for itself how to regulate and tax marijuana.  This will lead to a regulatory mess.  Pot’s continued illegality under federal law will keep big corporations from getting involved with its production even if 19 passes, so I’m not worried that the industry would be taken over by them.  But, this expert is not so sure.

When I get back, I’ll post similar info on the other propositions, focusing on 20, 23, and 25.


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