Friday Follow-Up: Free Will

We had eight people last night, which is pretty good for a rainy night here when most San Diegans panic and curl up in a fetal position.  Moss was new, and it was good to see Norm again.  Unfortunately, Dean announced that his new job will keep him from most meetings for a while.  We hope you can return, Dean!  A few leftover business:

  • After the meeting, a young woman named Melody approached me and told me about the San Diego Psychology Club.  Melody said she was impressed by the quality of our discussion (!) and invited us all to a party this Sunday October 3 hosted by the SDPC.  It’s a beach house pot luck party in Del Mar starting at noon.  See the group’s Facebook page, here, for more information.Melody:  Thanks for the invite.  You’re welcome anytime at our group.  Our Facebook page is here.
  • I loved Fred’s readings from the Catholic Catechism.  The part he was quoting from, on the nature of human freedom and its implications for free will and moral responsibility, can be found here, in Article III, Man’s Freedom.  Fed told me he quoted passages 1700, 1704-06, 1712-14, 1730-35, 1738-40, 1743-47, and 1749. 
  • Two great books I’d recommend on how Americans throughout our history have struggled to define “freedom” and who is a “real enough” American to be worthy of freedom are:
    • Categorically Unequal.  A classic on why people divide other people into “us” and “them” and its impact on our history.
    • The Story of American Freedom.  I’m not sure I’ve ever read a better book on the meaning of a Constitutional concept.

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