Friday Follow-Up

It was good to see attendance climbing again, to 14 people, including some returnees and several new people.   Jeannie (sp?) saw our notice in the Reader.  Anne and boyfriend Jason showed up for a while, and an old friend of mine and Carl’s named Jeff was sitting next to me.

I thought it was interesting that we kind of divided into “sides” a little bit.  About 4-5 people were dismissive of the idea of human energy fields and similar notions, notably Rich and Richard; and others were believers, such as Debbie, Sharon, and Dean.  Anyway, a good, respectful discussion.

Here are links to a few of the books Debbie and Sharon had with them.

  • Healing and The Mind, by Bill Moyers, from 1995:  Debbie says this is not really about energy medicine, but is more generally on the healing power of the mind.
  • Vibrational Medicine, by Gerber.
  • The Relaxation Response, by Benson.  Sharon referred to this.  I read it years ago and it’s kind of cool. It says that many cultures, calling it by different names, have arrived at the same concept:  Through emptying the mind and controlled calming, people can go to a super-relaxing place of rest.  Think meditation.  The book is an ABC of how to do it. 

Next week: Privacy and the Constitution.


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