Old Topics Updates: Tea Parties, SETI, Lawsuit Mania, Others

I’ve been holding onto these:

Also, last week we talked a little about the Tea Party movement(s).  Dean asked what they were all about, and Richard made a good point about their behind the scenes funding and organization.  Here are some related, just-published articles:

  1. The role played by the Koch brothers (Richard’s point): 
  2. As I mentioned, corporate groups are going to pour vast amounts into politics thanks to the Citizens United decision allowing unlimited corporate money.  But I never dreamed how much.  already, about $400 million has been pledged or spent by the corporate sector to support Republican candidates this election cycle alone!  Not only is this just a jaw-dropping number, but the amounts are being funneled to various front groups to hide its origins.  More details here
  3. Rolling Stone on The Summer of Madness.

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