Press Release Issued About Us

I just sent out the attached press release about the group.

Civilized Conversation Press Release of 8-17-10

UPDATE:  Having trouble getting it to open, so here’s the text.  Until I get it fixed, email me and I’ll email you back a copy.


CONTACT:  David Genser, 858-231-6209




August 17   On Thursday, September 2, San Diego’s Civilized Conversation Club will begin its seventh year of weekly roundtable discussions with an open forum on climate change and the future of offshore drilling.   The organization, founded in 2003, meets every Thursday from 7pm-9pm, currently at Filter Coffee House in North Park, 4096 30th Street (map). 

The non-partisan group’s meetings cover a wide range of issues related to politics, current events, religion, and philosophy.  Recent topics have included, “separation of church and state,” “the politics of food,” and “immigration reform.”  According to the club’s leader, David Genser, Civilized Conversation was formed because “it’s hard to find open, respectful discussions of controversial topics, especially in today’s polarized political climate.  With an election coming up, it’s important for people to have a place to go where they can exchange information on important issues.”  He added that most of the group’s weekly meetings attract 12-15 people and sometimes feature guest speakers and introductory presentations by regular group members.  Attendance is free and open to anyone.

According to group member Anne Tolch, who also is the Vice-Chair of the Sustainability Alliance of Southern California, “the September 2 meeting is particularly important because Californians will vote in November on Proposition 23, an initiative being backed by out of state oil companies which would hobble clean energy development and keep California dependent on fossil fuels.”   Other upcoming topics include:

·         September 9 – Do we need to cut Social Security and other entitlement programs?

·         September 16 – Is metaphysics science?

·         September 23 – Is there a Constitutional right to privacy?

·         September 30 – Do we have “free will?”


The group is soliciting ideas for topics for October and November.  Visit the club’s website,, to suggest a topic or for more information.


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