This Week’s Mtg: Immigration Reform (8/19/10)

A big, fat, controversial topic.  Let’s remember to try to be respectful of all points of view.  As we agreed last week, my opening presentation will cover (1) basic background on this subject; (2) evidence that illegals actually cause all the problems they’re blamed for; and (3) ideas (including some that have been tried) for better managing our immigration system.  If there’s time, I may discuss the larger issue of whether/how to reform our legal immigration system, the dysfunctional nature of which is a major reason so many people come here illegally..  Here are some links:

1.  Facts and Perspective on Illegal Immigrants in the U.S.

2.  What Problem Do Illegal Immigrants Cause?

3.  Options For Better Managing the Inflow

  • I’ll discuss the last big immigration reform law, in 1986.
  • What almost became law in 2008.
  • As agreed, I won’t lecture on the “change the 14th amendment” idea.  But, tomorrow I will post some thoughts on the subject.  It will be just below this post.

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