This Week’s Mtg: Politics of Food (8/12/10)

This is a very interesting topic.  Food politics has many aspects: consumer health and safety; worker health and safety (e.g., slaughterhouse workers, farm laborers), environmental effects of industrial-level cultivation; genetically modified food;, farm subsidies; etc.

One that most people know little about is “food justice,” the idea that “food security,” or access to nutritious, affordable food, is a human right.  Lace does some work in this area, and is well-versed.  She’ll present, focusing on that.   If people want, we can branch out to related issues during the discussion.

Her is some background material.  Notice that it includes a video of Lace talking about some of this. 


  • Lace’s organization and a 10-minute video of her speaking –  Her speech, from a recent big conference, is the 5th video down on the page.  Watch other short videos of other workshops and presentations.  
  • Very short written what is the “food justice movement?”  Also, what is “food security?”  (An 11-page pdf with an executive summary).

Also, Lace suggested I link to the opinions of Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser, two noted critics of out current food system.


One response

  1. Mmm, e. coli. The NYT has a tasty collection from its food safety archives that will have you running to the porcelain.

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