Old Topics Updates: Social Contract, Affirmative Action, Others

Three Strikes Laws (10/17/9) —  Congress for the first time ever has repealed a 3-strike law.  they just reduced the crack/powder cocaine mandatory minimum disparity from 100:1 to “only” 16:1.  Also, that Pinko Commie fellow-traveling magazine The Economist on the costs of America incarcerating so many people.  (Money quote: “Never in history have so many been locked up for so little.”)

Affirmative action (6/12/8) —  Focusing on the problems of elite college applicants — black and white — misses the problem: huge educational inequalities between the poor and everyone else.  (money quote:  “Your application to Yale is not a social problem.”)  BTW, the USA just fell to 12th among rich countries in the percentage of adults age 25-35 that has a college degree.

How to Fix the Economy (5/28/9) – Two economists – one is an advisor to McCain’s campaign — find that the bailouts (banks, auto sector), stimulus, and other government actions saved us from depression-like conditions.  The policies saved 8.5 million jobs, which would have raised the unemployment rate to about 16%!   FYI:  At the bottom of the Great Depression unemployment was 25%. 

Do we need a new social contract (4/17/8)?  A fantastic albeit long and detailed blog post explains what the term means and the history behind it that all Americans should know, IMO.


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