Mtg Follow-up: Geology, Schmology

We had 11 people last night, including new person Dean, and Jeff stopped by after a few months’ absence.  With Fred guiding us and Chris’ knowledge of geologic trivia, we had a pretty interesting discussion of volcanoes’ effect on history.  John said the earth has a Tootsie Roll center.  Anyway, some follow-up links:

Simon Winchester:  is the author of the email that Fred was lecturing us from.  He wrote a bestseller on the Krakatoa eruption, along with another on the San Francisco quake and a half-dozen others.  Here’s his NYT piece earlier this year on the volcano that disrupted air travel across Europe and his 6-minute interview on same on PBS Newshour.


  • fun article introducing ideas — some wacky — for reducing global warming through huge engineering projects.  They involve either blocking some of the sun’s energy (e.g., shooting sulfur particles into the atmosphere), or schemes to absorb a lot of CO2 fast (like stimulating ocean phytoplankton growth).
  • A sharp critique of the whole idea as utopian and too risky.  With links to some crushing rebuttals of the “it will be easy and cheap” argument in the Superfreakonimics book.

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