What to Read About Politics and Public Affairs

I was watching cable news the other night and then read the Union Tribune.  Rather than slit my wrists on the spot, I thought I’d post for you some sources of news and opinion about politics and the nation that, you know, make you better-informed.  A later post will cover a few good sites that deal with economics, environment, and other more specialized topics. 

Here are some of the general interest public affairs blogs and websites I read all the time.  I swear that 20 minutes reading any of these is more valuable than 6 hours of cable news.


  1. The Washington Monthly’s blog (Steve Benen)
  2. Think Progress’ blog (Matthew Yglesias).  Also, its “Wonk Room
  3. Political Animal (Kevin Drum)

  1. No More Mister Nice Blog.  Sarcastic, but amazingly insightful.
  2. Hullabaloo.  Unbeatable.
  3. Talking Points Memo.  Breaking news, too, and highly original reporting.


COMMENTARY — Conservative (ish)

  1. David Frum.
  2. Andrew Sullivan and Megan McCardle at the Atlantic Monthly.
  3. Ross Douthat at the NYT.



  1. The Democratic Strategist
  2. Fivethiryeight.com.  The best, but very “latest polls/predictions” oriented.
  3. Calitics — CA only.  Very liberal, but no one else does what they do.



  1. Salon.com.  Fun: arts, culture, movie reviews, etc.  Politics, especially columnists Joan Walsh and the civil libertarian firebrand Glenn Greenwald.
  2. The American Prospect.  Their TAPPED blog is one of the best, IMHO.


NEWSPAPERS  (slim pickings)

  1. New York Times.  Duh. 
  2. McClatchy (formerly Knight-Ridder):  The best newspaper left outside of the NYT.


What other good ones am I missing?


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  1. […] for political blogs, this post of mine a while ago listed some of my favorites (What To Read About Politics And Public Affairs).  In earlier posts I recommended sites to read on foreign affairs and economics.  I’ve […]

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