Mtg Follow-up: Foreign Affairs-Oriented Websites

Pretty good meeting last night, I thought.  We had eleven people including several newcomers.  I realized afterwards that I forgot my promise to ask at the outset if someone other than me wants to be the moderator, so I don’t dominate on topics I know a bit about.  Next week = volcanoes so we don’t have to worry about my expertise.  Any volunteers?

Anyway, maybe one role for me on this blog is to point to news and commentary sources that people probably don’t know about.  Cable news and the UT are so superficial and so biased and so getting even worse, on everything, but especially on foreign affairs and world news.  Alternatives include:

  •;  Best single source of analysis.  Lots of articles.  Sections on defense policy, Af/Pak region, middle east, others.  Middle-of-the-road politically.
  •;  A very close second.  More broad-brush, short pieces written by top experts from all over the world.  Emphasis on global econ and finance (non-technical, a lot on the crisis), but also Africa, China, human rights, and even philosophy and science.  It’s like reading newspaper op-eds, but of much higher quality.
  •  Consistently progressive, but usually very solid.  Lots of embedded links in articles so you can follow-up.
  •  Liberal views on national security/arms control issues; try the parent site national security  For similar, also try foreignpolicywatch, and progressive realist.

And, don’t forget the NYT and the U.K.’s Guardian.

Does anybody have any others? 


2 responses

  1. Here are a few other FP sites I enjoy, most related to the conflict side of foreign affairs:

    Abu Muqawama (Andrew Exum): Has a bit of an ego problem and is highly skeptical of academia, but has a good pulse of the foreign policy establishment and is excellent on counter-terrorism strategy.

    WIRED Magazine’s Danger Room: High-quality, if low in quantity, commentary. Quite entertaining too and integrated into the rest of the WIRED world.

    Small Wars Journal: An excellent site geared towards commanders in the field that offers a lot of insight on modern warfare from the foxholes.

    Warisboring: A bit sanctimonious sometimes, but they go to conflicts you’ve probably never heard about and do a decent amount of linkage. Good on-the-ground commentary.

    Attackerman: Liberal foreign affairs commentary, often quite critical of everything, but occasionally insightful.

  2. […] (What To Read About Politics And Public Affairs).  In earlier posts I recommended sites to read on foreign affairs and economics.  I’ve been meaning to do one on legal/Constitutional sites, too. […]

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