More on Conservative/Liberal Differences

Here’s a fantastic article on how different moral values affect the politics of liberals and conservatives.  An excerpt:

“Liberalism and Conservatism not only represent different constellations of ideas.  They also represent entirely different traditions for acquiring those ideas in the first place.  

In general, conservatism is hierarchal, and all of the institutions we think of as being conservative are top-down in nature: the family, the church, the military, the corporation – with some accumulated body of wisdom developed on high by approved authorities and then passed down intact to the masses from generation to generation, unchanged.  This is what gives conservatism its dogmatic and authoritarian coloration.  

Liberalism, in contrast, is largely procedural in nature, with “The Truth” never a settled destination but always a journey in progress.

…[O]nce the right wing was able to build up its own academic and media establishment it no longer needed to engage with liberal universities and mainstream press at all in order to be heard.

That created more space for conservative ideas, but in doing so it also allowed conservatives to abandon what was best in liberalism – its curiosity, its wonderment, its science, its rules of evidence and argumentation, its “reality-based” cognition. And this allowed the right to fall back on old and familiar conservative habits and folkways, which included rigid group-think, conformity, and the ideological enforcement of accepted but stale right wing orthodoxy.”

Again, this is about one type of conservative, not all of them.  The whole thing is here.  It’s short and well worth your time.


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