Lessons from Tuesday’s Elections

I’ve been reading a lot on this subject today, and, as so often, what I’m reading is far different from what the main stream cable news is reporting.  The media have decided that this year’s political themes are (1) the most vicious anti-incumbent mood ever, and (2) the tea party is surging.  Some truth in both, certainly.  But read these comments on the nation-wide results:

  1. The “hyper anti-incumbency mood” thing is overstated.  It’s not panning out.  
  2. There was no trend at all, which is not surprising, given the many different races in 11 states.   
  3. CA results were mixed, Big Money won some (Meg Whitman), but lost others (prop. 16 and 17).  A very Liberal (you’ve been warned) view of CA election results is here

BTW, turnout in California was around 25% of registered voters.  Low turnout can itself be a sign of voter discontent.  I read that polls show that Californians hate pretty much all politicians these days — unsurprising, I suppose, in a state with 12% unemployment and a paralyzed government.

UPDATE:  Can Republicans still win statewide races in California? With Whitman’s tens of millions ($70m just to win the primary!), and the anti-incumbent mood, anything’s possible.  But, the GOP has a  long-term problem in our state.


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