This Week’s Mtg: “What Exactly Is Time?” (6/10/10)

Norm will present.  Check this sight tomorrow and, if I can find any relevent links, I’ll add them.  But I know nothing about physics and I’m going to have a root canal tomorrow, so don’t hold your breath.

I predict that time will pass slowly during my dental procedure.

UPDATE:  Whoa.  Wish I found this earlier.  Watch this 10-minute video of a guy explaining how people perceive time in different ways.  There are SIX distinct ways we perceive time, he explains!


One response

  1. Nothing like a root canal to prepare for this LOL
    Nearly forty years ago, I published an article in German on “Concepts of time
    in Chinese historiography,” in Saeculum. Never published in English and I no longer
    have a copy.
    I’ll have to reread what I said.

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