Old Topic Update: CA Ballot Propositions

Here’s the opinion of a guy I really respect on the ballot propositions for next Tuesday.  It covers prop. 13-17.  An excerpt on prop 16, the electric power one:

This is one of the sleaziest initiatives I’ve seen in a long time. Here it is in a nutshell: PG&E doesn’t like having to compete against municipal power companies, so they’re sponsoring an initiative that would prohibit the creation or expansion of any municipal power system without a two-thirds approval from voters. Which, of course, is essentially impossible. And the best part? Municipal agencies aren’t allowed to spend public money on political campaigns, so PG&E, which has spent nearly $50 million so far promoting Prop 16, is basically running unopposed.Prop 16 is a poster child for everything that’s wrong with the initiative process in California, and it’s as pure an example as you’ll ever find of a big corporation using the ballot box to cynically undercut its competition. Even if there’s nothing else on the June ballot you care about, you should make sure to get to your polling place just to vote against Prop 16. Ditto for your family and friends. Your enemies too. Liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter: everyone should vote against Prop 16.

Again, the whole post is here.


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