We’re Staying Put — For Now

Last night we agreed that for now the group should stay at Filter, on Thursdays.  Losing Ken was a real blow, but here was the thinking, with which I agreed:

  • Changing our night of the week to Wednesday probably would cost us some members, definitely Linda, for example, and probably others.   
  • The group has healthy attendance here and we don’t want to risk a move to a place further buried in South Park.
  • Rebecca’s is a quiet place and she might have the same problem with us — noise, not buying much, etc.
  • The 7pm to 9:30pm that Filter gives us (2-1/2 hours) is plenty of time to hold our meeting.  People who want to go on for hours after that can go to any one several very nearby bars or food joints.
  • In other words, despite what Steve did, there is not enough of a crisis YET to justify moving and moving nights.

We also agreed that:

  1. DavidG will continue to research places to move to that are not private businesses; e.g., community centers, Unitarian church, etc.
  2. Maybe after a cooling off period we can ask owner Steve to reconsider Ken’s abrupt banning.

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